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2012 Legislation


School Opening - SB 257
Would allow local school boards to set the school calendar, eliminating the post-Labor Day opening requirement.
>> Failed in Education and Health Committee.

Human trafficking; Information for Public Schools - SB 259
Requires the Board of Education to provide awareness and training materials for local school divisions on strategies to prevent human trafficking.
>> Passed both houses and went into effect July 1, 2012..

Virginia Preschool Initiative Local Grant Program - SB 261
Creates a grant program to improve training for preschool educators as well as create and expand preschool classrooms.
>> Passed in the Senate, tabled in House Appropriations Committee.

Fairfax County School Board - SB 581
Allows the Fairfax County School Board to stagger the terms of their members.
>> Passed in the Senate, continued to 2013 in House Privileges and Elections Committee.

Job Creation

Microenterprise Investment Grant Program - SB 262
Creates a grant program for individuals who make an investment in a microenterprise including a “green” microenterprise or one located in an underutilized business zone, up to $12,500.
>> Passed Senate, tabled in House General Laws Committee.

Small Business - SB 258
Changes the definition of "small business" to match the Federal Government’s definition.
>> Continued to 2013 by General Laws and Technology Committee.


Bicycle Safety - SB 264
Forbids automobiles and trucks from following bicycles too closely.
>> Passed Senate, tabled in House Transportation Committee.

High Capacity Transit - SJ 52
Requests the Commonwealth Transportation Board to make high capacity rail a top priority for the Commonwealth.
>> Failed in Rules Committee.

Public Safety

Asbestos Worker Safety - SB 482
Requires the Virginia Board for Asbestos Inspectors to administer, or supervise, an examination of applicants for an asbestos work license. Workers would be provided with written safety guidelines and instructions for reporting violations. Principals of firms that have been in violation would be prohibited from being principals of new asbestos remediation firms. (Co-sponsored with Senator Barbara Favola)
Passed Senate, tabled in House General Laws Committee.

Suspected Abuse of Children to be Reported - SB 265
Adds athletic coaches and directors to the list of persons required to report child abuse.
>> Incorporated into SB 239, then passed by both houses and went into effect July 1, 2012.

Asbestos Complaints - SB 483
Requires the Commissioner of Labor and Industry to maintain a registry of employee asbestos violations complaints. (Co-Sponsored with Senator Barbara Favola)
Continued to 2013 by Commerce and Labor Committee.

Study; Solitary confinement - SJ 93
Directs the Crime Commission to study the use of solitary confinement by the Department of Corrections.
>> Passed in the Senate, but tabled in House Rules Committee.

Health and Welfare

Medical Assistance; Prenatal Coverage - SB 568
Provides prenatal care to legal immigrant women, preventing extremely costly neonatal care for infants.
>> Passed both houses and went into effect July 1, 2012.

Social Justice

Public Employment; Nondiscrimination - SB 263
Prohibits discrimination in public employment based on sexual orientation and other factors.
>> Failed in Committee on General Laws and Technology.

Contracts with Child-Placing Agencies - SB 569
Prohibits the Department of Social Services from contracting with or funding child-placing agencies that discriminate in providing placement services to children or prospective parents.
>> Failed in Committee on Rehabilitation and Social Services.

Study; Financial Exploitation of Elderly and Incapacitated Adults - SJ 53
Directs the Virginia State Crime Commission to study ways to prevent, deter, and punish financial exploitation of elderly and incapacitated adults.
>> Stricken by Patron in deference to another bill.