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2015 Legislation

Voting Rights

SB 688             Would allow private high school photo IDs and out-of-state university photo IDs to be used as proof of identity for voting.



SB 1002           Encourages local workforce training boards to incentivize pay-for-performance.


Social & Criminal Justice

SB 686             Lowers the penalty for possession of a small amount of marijuana from a criminal offense to a civil fine.

SJ 276              Repeals the requirement for suspension of a driver’s license for marijuana possession.

SB 1180           Requires court to consider any history of abuse including persons outside of the immediate family in determining the best interests of the child for custody and visitation.

SJ 216              Ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution.

SB 1298           Streamlines court apperance requirements for defendants charged with capital murder who are “unrestorably incompetent.”


Gun Violence Prevention

SB 1178           Omnibus anti-gun violence reform:

  • Makes it illegal to operate or carry a firearm while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Requires a universal background check, closing the gun show loophole.
  • Requires an in-person (rather than online) course for proof of competency to obtain a concealed carry handgun permit.
  • Reestablishes a one-gun-a-month purchase limit.

SB 1179           Prohibits adults from allowing children 4 years of age or younger from handling a firearm and requires that children ages 5-12 are supervised by an adult.


LGBT Equality

SB 682             Removes code provisions prohibiting same-sex marriage.

SJ 214              Repeals the Virginia constitutional amendment that prohibits same-sex marriage.

SB 1181           Prohibits LGBT discrimination in public employment.

SB 1211           Makes code language inclusive of all spouses.


Health Care

SB 857             Requires hospitals to give patients notice when changed to “observation status.”


Tax Fairness

SB 1004           Establishes an excise tax on e-cigarettes at a lower amount than tobacco cigarettes.

SB 1210           Requires that online hotel booking companies remit the full Hotel Occupancy Tax to the Commonwealth, just as if rooms are booked directly through the hotel.

SB 1212           Removes the tax preference for yachts valued over $100,000.


Tax Refunds

SB 1005           Restores the option for individuals to receive their tax refund in the form of a check.


State Government

SJ 215             Allows for the Governor to serve for two consecutive terms.

SB 1289           Establishes the Virginia Independent Commission on Ethics, creates an electronic database for financial disclosures and limits the value of gifts to government officials.

SB 1213           Reestablishes the Commission on the Prevention of Human Trafficking which will develop strategies to combat human trafficking and provide recommendations for services to victims.


Local Government

SB 1214           Updates outdated provisions in Alexandria’s City Charter.


Animal Rights

SB 1215           Outlaws the possession and trade of ivory and rhinoceros horns.