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2020 Legislation


Bills which have passed the General Assembly are in bold



SB399 - Enters Virginia into the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact. Under the compact, Virginia, and other states in the compact, would award electoral votes to the presidential ticket that receives the most popular votes nationwide. The compact would take effect once the electoral votes represented by the states in the compact total 270.


SB887 - Automatic voter registration -- changes registration at the Department of Motor Vehicles from opt-in to opt-out.


SB892 - Allows cities or counties to use Ranked Choice Voting in elections for local governing bodies.


SJ63 - Constitutional Amendment to move state elections to even-numbered years, aligning them with federal elections.


SB889 - Sets limits on personal, corporate, and PAC donations to candidates for the General Assembly or the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, or Attorney General.


SB859 - Expands the use of absentee voting to include being hospitalized in any state. 


SB857 - Allows Elections Registrars to attend voter registration events at high schools and naturalization ceremonies.


SB856  - Expands the Virginia Board of Elections, which oversees the uniformity, accuracy and integrity of elections, from three members to five.




SB868 - Prohibits discrimination in housing, employment and public accommodations based on sexual orientation or gender identity. Also includes additional protections for veterans and pregnant persons. 


SB17 - Removes the Virginia Code provision prohibiting same-sex marriage.


SJ3 - Repeals Virginia’s obsolete constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage.




SB15 - Prohibits the carrying of firearms in state government buildings. 


SB13 - Prohibits the carrying of firearms in Virginia’s Capitol Square.




SB11 - Allows localities to impose a five cent fee on throw-away plastic bags to reduce litter and waste.




SB2 - Reduces penalty for possession of marijuana from a criminal offense to a civil penalty.

SB550 - Expands the definition of a domestic violence victim to include those in dating relationships.

SB20 - Requires regulations to address the health, safety, and welfare of youth held in Virginia correctional facilities under federal contracts, ensuring trauma specific care, bilingual staff and due process considerations, and prohibiting overly-aggressive restraint methods.

SB840 -  Ensures that a person found “not guilty by reason of insanity” of a violent crime will not be released from custody unless there is clear and convincing evidence that they do not pose a threat to themselves or others. Gives the court the ability to recommit them to a secure treatment facility if it is found that they again pose a threat to public safety.

SB1612 - Ends the operation of private prisons in Virginia. (Effective at the end of Virginia’s contract with the GEO Group for the operation of its one private prison)

SJ66 - Establishes a joint legislative subcommittee to develop a framework for legal adult cannabis use.



SB832 - Prohibits private school employees from recommending any employee suspected of sexual misconduct to another employer, unless the employee has been exonerated. This is already the law for public school employees. 

SB845 - Directs local school boards to test and, if necessary, remove hazardous mold from school buildings. Includes a requirement that both staff and parents be notified of any hazardous mold.


SB10 - Ends automatic suspension of driver's licenses in cases due to non-payment of court costs and fines.


SB19 - Eliminates the requirement that the race of married parties be included in marriage records, divorce reports, and annulment reports


SB837 - Allows cocktail product shops to distribute small samples of spirits while educating patrons on the use of their products. 


SB852 - Institutes a tax on e-cigarettes at 39% of the wholesale price. Also raises the Virginia cigarette tax to $1.80 per pack and the tax on other tobacco products to 39% wholesale. 


SB896 - Removes defunct language supporting segregation in transportation from the official record of the General Assembly.


SB966 - Bans the manufacture and sale of kid-friendly e-cigarette flavors.  


SJ250 - Allows Virginia Governors to serve two consecutive terms. Would not take effect until after the 2021 general election.


SB848 - Changes the annual reporting date of the Northern Virginia Transportation Commission to the General Assembly regarding the performance of WMATA from November 1 to December 15.



SB838 - Makes construction contractors liable for their subcontractors if the subcontractor does not pay their employees and allows employees to sue employers for nonpayment of wages. 


SB839 - Allows localities to require project labor agreements to ensure fair wages, apprenticeships and training, as well as implements third party dispute resolution processes for public and high density development.