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Senate Page Leadership Program Applications

Virginia Senate Page Leadership Program

(Ages 13-14)

Application Deadline: 5:00pm October 20, 2017

I am happy to report that I will be appointing a Page from the 30th District to serve the Virginia Senate during the upcoming 2018 Legislative Session. The Senate Page Program affords the next generation of Virginians an extraordinary opportunity to grow as professionals, leaders and civic-minded young adults.

During the 2018 Legislative Session Senate Pages will live, work, and study down in Richmond as they learn about and participate in the Virginia General Assembly.

About the Senate Page Program:

The Senate Page Leadership Program is structured similar to a college preparatory program and centers around developing future leaders. The program will consist of service to the legislature, as well as a professional development track featuring speakers, site visits and classroom-like instruction.

The page program is structured around three primary objectives:

  • Professional Development: Senate Pages are tasked with various job assignments such as staffing committee meetings (in a backup clerk capacity), answering telephone calls, providing basic concierge services and speaking to the public or visiting delegations about their experience and role in the legislative process.

  • Leadership Development: Senate Pages engage in team building scenarios designed to practice leadership skills, participate in a professional development track, and attend sessions in etiquette, money management, cyber bullying and life after the page leadership program.

  • Civic Engagement: Senate Pages will complete community service projects, partnering with a local non-profit group serving approximately three-dozen counties.

Pages will also participate in a mock legislative session, capping off their experience with floor debates and submitting a Page resolution, switching roles with Senators who will serve as their pages for the day.

Important Dates and Details:

Page Orientation: Sunday, January 7, additional training will be held on January 8 and 9.

Start of the 2017 Legislative Session: Wednesday, January 10

End of the 2017 Legislative Session (pages’ last day): Friday, March 9

Students’ time in the Senate Page Program serves as an excused absence from school, and it is the responsibility of the student, parents, and teacher to determine how the students will receive their assignments and conduct their examinations. For more information on schoolwork, view the Senate Page Leadership Program Teacher Brochure.

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Applying for the Senate Page Program:

The Application Process:

  1. Complete the Online Application:

  2. Submit all Application materials by 5:00pm 10/20/2017

Applicant Age: Applicants must be 13 or 14-years-old on Wednesday, January 10, 2018, to be eligible.

Please provide the following application materials:

  • School Endorsement form- completed by your principal and guidance counselor

  • A current photograph- headshot preferred

  • Two professional letters of recommendation (Letters should be scanned together as one file) Letters of recommendation can come from teachers, coaches, or civic leaders and should be addressed to Senator Ebbin.

Office of Senator Ebbin: | 571-384-8957

  • A personal essay of no more than 300 words on one of the following topics:

    • Discuss something your locality does well. What is something on which they could improve and how may that be achieved?

    • Define leadership and discuss three qualities a young person must possess to be a successful leader.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Senate Page program or application process, please reach out to [(804) 698-7410 or send an e-mail to]