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“Over 16 years in the General Assembly I’ve fought for our shared priorities in Richmond and we’ve had many successes. But we still have far to go” 

His 2020 priorities include passing new gun control legislation, decriminalizing marijuana use, raising the minimum wage and barring anti-LGBT discrimination.

The scorecard is calculated from the votes on 56 bills that came up this year, on topics from the environment, campaign finance reform, criminal justice, gun violence prevention, LGBTQ discrimination, and more. For every progressive vote a legislator cast on a bill (either in subcommittee, committee, or on the floor, depending on where the last vote was taken), they scored one point; for every non-progressive vote, -1. Additionally, we assigned plus or minus points for signalling intent to vote by co-sponsoring a bill.

On February 25, 2019, The Advocate Magazine announced their list of elected officials nationwide who they rate as the best allies for transgender equality. The list includes State Senator Adam Ebbin, New York City City Council Speaker Cory Johnson, Congressman David Cicilline, and former President Barack Obama. 

ALEXANDRIA, VA — Today, in memory of the 17 students and teachers killed one year ago at  Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Senator Adam P. Ebbin (D-Alexandria), gave a moving statement before his colleagues. Ebbin, who serves as Co-Chair of the General Assembly Gun Violence Prevention Caucus spoke with passion about the numerous lives gun violence has taken, specifically school-related gun violence.

At one point Wednesday as Sen. Adam Ebbin addressed the Senate Finance committee, he brought his closed fist to his mouth for a brief moment and continued speaking.

Wrapped inside the Alexandria senator’s fist was a Juul — one of several vaping products middle and high school students have been smoking at alarming rates.

RICHMOND (WMAL) — A new form of voting may start deciding local elections in Virginia, with a bill pending in the State Senate that would allow localities to allow voters to rank candidates in order of preference rather than just voting for one.

Its called ranked-choice voting — sometimes instant run-off voting — and advocates say that it creates greater consensus, preventing candidates winning without securing a true majority of votes.

The Virginia Senate on Friday passed two pieces of legislation that would ban discrimination in housing and public employment on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Both of the bills passed with bipartisan support. Senate Bill 1109, which would protect LGBT Virginians from discrimination in housing passed 33-7. Senate Bill 998, which would protect LGBT Virginians from discrimination in public employment, went through with a 28-12 vote.

State Sens. Adam Ebbin (D-Alexandria) and Jennifer McClellan (D-Richmond) introduced SB 998 and SB 1109, respectively.

After years facing powerful Republican majorities in both chambers of the General Assembly, Arlington lawmakers are accustomed to harboring only modest ambitions for each legislative session.

But as legislators return to Richmond today (Wednesday), members of the county’s all-Democratic delegation say they’re ready to flex their muscles a bit over the new, 45-day session.

“Win for all your classmates who don’t feel safe. I’m confident in your victory,” Ebbin told the student protestors. “You will continue to face long days of canvassing and protesting, the heat, the cold, and the rain… And there will be adults and even elected officials who will dismiss your knowledge and dismiss your experience. You will face hostile resistance from the corporate gun lobby, who trade profits for lives. Here's how to win this fight, though. You register voters, vote, protest, keep moving forward. Together we will take back state legislatures and governorships from the NRA

Governor Northam recently announced nominations of Opportunity Zones to the U.S. Department of Treasury — including Census Tracts along Route 1 that are being developed as part of the Embark process. Opportunity zones are revitalization tools that provide federal incentive for private investment in low-income census tracts.

Four of the selected sites were subjects of a joint letter submitted by state Sen. Adam Ebbin, state Sen. Scott Surovell, Del. Mark Sickles, and Del. Paul Krizek to Erik Johnston, the director of the Department of Housing & Community Development on Feb. 27 recommending the inclusion of sites along Rte. 1 in the Governor’s recommendations. Text of the letter follows: