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Bills introduced by Senator Adam Ebbin (D-30, Alexandria) and Senator Jennifer Wexton (D-33, Loudoun) to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity in public employment and housing, passed the Virginia Senate on a decisive 29-10 vote.

SB 202, introduced by Ebbin, would codify non-discrimination protections for LGBT persons in public employment that have previously been enforced via executive orders from four of the past five Governors, as well as include protections for pregnant women, veterans, and other protected classes in state law.

Cortney Carroll recounts her experiences as a survivor of the Las Vegas mass shooting. Her brave testimony was given on January 15th at the Senate Courts of Justice Committee in support of Senator Adam Ebbin's SB1 to ban bump stocks and other devices used to increase a semi-automatic rate of fire to that of a machine gun. The bill will be heard in the Senate Finance Committee in the next few weeks.

Earlier this week, I joined officials from the City of Alexandria, faith leaders, and members of the community to observe Yom Ha’Shoah. We stood together to reflect on the systematic persecution and annihilation of six million Jews during the Holocaust, and the millions more, including gays and lesbians, people with disabilities, Roma, Jehovah’s Witnesses, political dissidents, Soviet POWs and others who suffered and died at the hands of Nazi Germany.

“The Governor’s amendments would maintain an aggressive timeline to remedy Alexandria’s CSO problem while granting oversight to the Department of Environmental Quality rather than the part-time legislature, which lacks the experience of environmental regulators.” said Senator Ebbin. “I was grateful to work with his office to develop a deliberate, intelligent, and realistic solution to this complex and longstanding issue.”

Mr. President, I rise for a point of personal privilege and a motion:

Today, February 22, marks the 285th anniversary of the birth, in Westmoreland County, of a great son of Virginia, George Washington.

The Senator from Eastern Fairfax and I have arranged for you to receive the 2017 Mount Vernon Calendar, and Mt. Vernon’s quarterly magazine, both of which are on your desks today.

Last year, I talked a bit about Washington the Burgess. This year, I’d like to talk about Washington the politician.

Richmond, Va. — On Monday, January 30, Virginia State Senator Adam P. Ebbin (D-Alexandria) condemned the recent Executive Order by President Donald Trump prohibiting travel from seven majority-Muslim countries for 90 days and suspending admission of all international refugees to the US for four months.

The Virginia Senate has advanced legislation to establish an extremely aggressive timeline for the City of Alexandria to address concerns over its Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO).





Do you know what will be on the ballot on Tuesday? We’re electing our next president, of course, and our next Congress. But we’ll also be voting on proposed amendments to the Virginia Constitution and, in Fairfax County, voters will also decide whether to approve a meals tax to support education.

Senator Adam P. Ebbin (D-Alexandria) expressed deep concern following the party-line vote to pass SB41, legislation that would allow marriage celebrants to refuse to solemnize a marriage if doing so would violate their “sincerely held religious beliefs.”

Speaking on the Senate floor, Ebbin said, “This bill is thoroughly unnecessary. It sanctions discrimination by government employees. We are the birthplace of the Statute for Religious Freedom. We enjoy one of the richest histories of any state when it comes to that freedom. Proposals like these — licenses to discriminate — desecrate the very things they claim to protect. This bill carves out a space for bigotry cloaked under the guise of religious freedom.”

“I was surprised to learn that Delegate Rob Krupicka has decided not to run for re-election this year. Rob’s passion for education and expertise on the benefits of pre-K and high-stakes testing have made a difference, both from his work in the House of Delegates as well as on the State Board of Education. His well-informed, collaborative nature is just what the General Assembly needs more of and will be sorely missed. Rob has been a friend for 20 years, and I understand and admire his dedication to his family."