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General Assembly Passes Budget Amendment to End Driver's License Suspension for Non Payment of Court Fines and Fees

April 5, 2019News Clip

The Virginia House of Delegates voted 70-30 and the Senate voted 30-10 on Northam’s budget amendment on Senate Bill 1613, which eliminate the suspensions.

Virginia Sen. Adam Ebbin (D-30) introduced the bill this session.

“I applaud Gov. Northam for bringing this measure before the entire General Assembly for a vote. Unwarranted license suspension disproportionately impacts the most economically disadvantaged Virginians without making our communities safer,” Ebbin said. “Virginians rely on driving to access education, childcare, health care and employment, taking away that resource for nonpayment of a fee is cruel and illogical.” 

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Another Push for Increased Affordable Housing Funding

April 1, 2019News Clip

State Sen. Adam P. Ebbin (D-Alexandria), who sponsored the $1.5 million increase that the General Assembly approved in February, said he applauded Northam’s latest effort , but the money still falls far short of what’s needed.

“I’m concerned that if we don’t keep pushing ahead in a big way, this won’t get ramped up any further,” he said. If Democrats win control of the General Assembly in November, he added, “I’m very hopeful . . . there will be more in the trust fund. But it won’t just happen by wishing for it.”


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Google Drops "Conversion Therapy" App After Pressure from Advocates, Elected Officials

April 1, 2019News Clip

"Google should know better than to provide a platform to those targeting young LGBTQ people with false, destructive messages. I urge Google to refuse to be complicit in spreading hate and follow Apple, Amazon, Microsoft to remove the 'ex-gay' app from store" said Virginia State Senator Adam Ebbin

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Northam Seeks to Halt License Suspensions for Unpaid Court Fees

April 1, 2019News ClipBudget amendment would implement Adam's SB1612

The effort to halt the suspensions has the support of a broad coalition that includes groups such as the Legal Aid Justice Center and the Virginia Poverty Law Center, Prison Fellowship and Americans for Prosperity, a group that backs conservative and libertarian causes.

Legal Aid Justice Center Executive Director Angela Ciolfi said the organization is “hopeful that the General Assembly will seize this critical opportunity to end this unconstitutional practice.”

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Adam announced he's running for re-election

March 25, 2019News Clip

“Over 16 years in the General Assembly I’ve fought for our shared priorities in Richmond and we’ve had many successes. But we still have far to go” 

His 2020 priorities include passing new gun control legislation, decriminalizing marijuana use, raising the minimum wage and barring anti-LGBT discrimination.

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