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  • Senator Ebbin's Remarks on George Washington's 28th Birthday

    Senator Ebbin honors the legacy of George Washington, speaking to his early days running for election to the Virginia House of Burgesses. View the full text of his remarks here.

  • Progress on Mental Health Reforms

    A robust legislative agenda seeking to improve Virginia’s approach to mental health crises emerged this year from the Joint Subcommittee Studying Mental Health Services. The General Assembly has embraced several aspects of mental health reform, however, several important steps remain to be taken before we are fully faithfully supporting this community. Our work to build coalitions across regional and party lines to benefit the mental health of Virginians continues. Read More

  • Session Chugs along through Crossover

    A quick look at the state of my legislation as the Virginia General Assembly passes "Crossover," the halfway point of the 2017 legislative session.

  • VCTA Cable Reports | Arlington/Alexandria

    Watch Senator Ebbin discuss his legislative agenda and other upcoming legislation due to come up in the 2017 General Assembly Session.

  • What's a Couple Thousand Bills, Anyway?

    The General Assembly convened January 11th. Learn about Senator Ebbin's agenda and the first week of session.

Recent Updates

Senator Ebbin's Remarks on George Washington's 285th Birthday

February 22, 2017Press ReleaseVirginia Senator Honors George Washington the Politician

Mr. President, I rise for a point of personal privilege and a motion:

Today, February 22, marks the 285th anniversary of the birth, in Westmoreland County, of a great son of Virginia, George Washington.

The Senator from Eastern Fairfax and I have arranged for you to receive the 2017 Mount Vernon Calendar, and Mt. Vernon’s quarterly magazine, both of which are on your desks today.

Last year, I talked a bit about Washington the Burgess. This year, I’d like to talk about Washington the politician.

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Budget moves to battle between House and Senate over revenues, spending priorities

February 13, 2017News Clip

With their competing versions of the budget adopted, the House of Delegates and state Senate now prepare for direct combat over the revenues available and how best to spend them.The biggest partisan fight in the Senate came over the decision to strip almost $4 million in new funding that McAuliffe had proposed for the Department of Elections in response to an outcry by Republicans before the election last fall about the shortcomings of the state voter registration system, VERIS. “This is a drastic cut that will undermine the department in its mission to ensure the integrity of the election process,” said Sen. Adam P. Ebbin, D-Alexandria, who also warned that without the proposed funding “the functionality of our system is at risk.”

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Senate defeats bill to let judges order online publication of legal notices

February 10, 2017News Clip

The Senate of Virginia voted 26-13 on Friday to defeat a measure that would have given judges discretion to direct that legal notices be posted on an electronic medium in lieu of in a print newspaper.Sen. Adam P. Ebbin, D-Alexandria, who opposed the bill, said the issue “is not about keeping newspapers in business. This is about the public’s right to know.”

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Legislation would give localities more leeway on tax hearings

February 6, 2017News Clip

A proposal by state Sen. Adam Ebbin giving localities slightly more leeway in providing public notice of tax increases has made it through the Senate and been forwarded to the House of Delegates.

Ebbin (D-30th) proposed changing from 30 days in advance to 25 days in advance the minimum time that a locality must have notice of an effective tax increase published in a newspaper.

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Changes to trespass towing rule fail after Va. senator miscasts vote

February 1, 2017News Clip

WASHINGTON — A bill to change trespass towing rules in Northern Virginia fell in the state Senate Tuesday when a single senator miscast his vote from across the room.

Alexandria Sen. Adam Ebbin also backed the upcoming rules set to take effect in July that are meant to address what is sometimes referred to as “predatory towing.” “It’s not in a retail property owner’s best interest to get it wrong when it comes to towing,” Ebbin said. “Current policy protects a private property owner’s unquestioned rights to control their parking spaces while ensuring that the same property owner cannot simply blame a tow on a third-party spotter who gets it wrong.”

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