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A Back To School Rally in Alexandria Against Gun Violence

September 20, 2018News Clip

“Win for all your classmates who don’t feel safe. I’m confident in your victory,” Ebbin told the student protestors. “You will continue to face long days of canvassing and protesting, the heat, the cold, and the rain… And there will be adults and even elected officials who will dismiss your knowledge and dismiss your experience. You will face hostile resistance from the corporate gun lobby, who trade profits for lives. Here's how to win this fight, though. You register voters, vote, protest, keep moving forward. Together we will take back state legislatures and governorships from the NRA

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Commentary: A Successful Plea for Incentives

May 1, 2018News Clip

Governor Northam recently announced nominations of Opportunity Zones to the U.S. Department of Treasury — including Census Tracts along Route 1 that are being developed as part of the Embark process. Opportunity zones are revitalization tools that provide federal incentive for private investment in low-income census tracts.

Four of the selected sites were subjects of a joint letter submitted by state Sen. Adam Ebbin, state Sen. Scott Surovell, Del. Mark Sickles, and Del. Paul Krizek to Erik Johnston, the director of the Department of Housing & Community Development on Feb. 27 recommending the inclusion of sites along Rte. 1 in the Governor’s recommendations. Text of the letter follows:

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April 26, 2018Press ReleaseVirginia General Assembly Gun Violence Prevention Caucus Co-Chairs call for an honest and complete discussion on school safety, including gun access.

Senator Adam P. Ebbin (D-Alexandria), Co-Chair of the Gun Violence Prevention Caucus said “No other issue has had a more traumatic effect on our nation's institutions of learning. Republican House leadership claims this committee is a ‘bold and significant’ step. The facts show it is anything but.”

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Legislators: Following the Golden Rule can pay dividends in Richmond

April 25, 2018News Clip

Senator Ebbin was among the seven legislators who comprise the Arlington legislative delegation to participate in a Leadership Center for Excellence post-session forum April 20 at Army Navy Country Club. While the annual breakfast gathering shines a spotlight on legislators’ successes and failures in Richmond, it also focuses on a discussion of how to build rapport in a body that is divided by politics, geography and economics.

State Sen. Adam Ebbin (D-30th) said he nabs his Republican counterparts early in the session with a simple question: “What do you have that we can work together on?”

“I really do look for a Republican [co]sponsor” for legislation, Ebbin said – sometimes finding one, sometimes not.


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Commentary: ‘Channeling Outrage into Activism’

April 2, 2018News Clip

Ebbin spoke to students at Lewinsville Park in McLean during the walkout on March 14. The students, who attend schools across Northern Virginia, were participating in a rally for gun violence prevention organized by Students Demand Action DMV following a 17-minute National Student Walkout held that morning at 10 a.m. in memory of the 17 who were killed in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Fla.

I’m Senator Adam Ebbin, and I have an “F” rating from the NRA.

Across the country, the gun violence prevention movement is being led by students like you. You are doing more than just wearing an orange ribbon, you are taking action and leading a conversation. You are channeling your outrage into activism.


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